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Beemsterweg 20, Almere, Netherlands


Our warehouse is situated along the Hollandse Dreef, one of the main entrance lanes to Almere centre. Business Parc Hollandse Kant is considered the entrance of Almere, close to the Hollandse Bridge which is the connection towards the Amsterdam area.



Well accessible via highway A6 (Amsterdam-Lelystad).

Public transport

Train station Muziekwijk is within walking distance. From this station there are frequent connections towards Almere centre (3 minutes), Amsterdam centre (30 minutes) and Schiphol international airport (35 minutes). The recently opened high speed connection Hanzelijn, has a 45 minutes connection with Zwolle.

Populair categories

1. dates (500 x 400 px)


Try our Dates and dates products such as fresh Mazafati, Naz Kabkab, date syrup and dates paste. Or other dates like Medina, Zahedi, Sukary, Medjoul and many more.


Many different Vegetables like Pickled: garlic, cucumbers, mix, bandari, liteh, olives, shallots and more. With different packaging, size of the products, numerous well-known brands there is always a choice for your shelves.

Preserved Foods

Authentic ready to eat meals like Persian tasty food, more canned meat, sardines or tuna. Also a variety of beans or peas with different flavors.

Butter & oil

Many different butter ghee products and oils. Like Extra virgin of virgin Olive oil or cooking oil and more. Furthermore a variety of different Sesame Tahina products.