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Import & export of authentic middle-eastern food and non-food
100% authentic quality
Delivery all over Europe

About us


We are Namazi, the major importer and distributor of oriental foods

Namazi Trading is a major importer and distributor of oriental foods and dried fruits, based in the Netherlands. With a large portfolio and exclusive distributor contracts of international brands like Ahmad Tea London, Alghazaleen Tea, 1&1, Sunquick, Sunich, Anata, Lina, Cold Alex, Hamwi Coffee and our own brands NAZ and Nazila 

In addition, we provide private labeling of Mazafati dates for costumers all over the world.

Namazi Trading plays a major role in the oriental food business across Europe. Our NAZ and Nazila brands have a large assortment and a range of products like pulses, grains, herbs and spices, yogurt drink, pickles and many more.

The flagship product of NAZ is our premium fresh mazafati DATES, which are sold all over the world.

We serve our clients all over the world from our office and warehouse in the city of Almere, with a smile and a passion for food and trade.

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We are Namazi Trading

Fazel Namazi

Owner & CEO

Mohamed Ahmad

Managing Director

Populair categories

1. dates (500 x 400 px)


Try our Dates and dates products such as fresh Mazafati, Naz Kabkab, date syrup and dates paste. Or other dates like Medina, Zahedi, Sukary, Medjoul and many more.


Many different Vegetables like Pickled: garlic, cucumbers, mix, bandari, liteh, olives, shallots and more. With different packaging, size of the products, numerous well-known brands there is always a choice for your shelves.

Preserved Foods

Authentic ready to eat meals like Persian tasty food, more canned meat, sardines or tuna. Also a variety of beans or peas with different flavors.

Butter & oil

Many different butter ghee products and oils. Like Extra virgin of virgin Olive oil or cooking oil and more. Furthermore a variety of different Sesame Tahina products.